Travel with friends


Gone are the days where we played on the air hockey table until 3 in the morning while we still had to get up for classes at 8am. We are sophisticated now. We yearn for more beyond the next glass of wine we have that evening.

We yearn for travel.

I read an article that said that millennials are buying less STUFF and are traveling MORE. My partner believes that is because social media has opened up a whole new world that is just waiting to be explored. No longer are our man goals to buy a house, get a 9-5, and settle down. We want to see the WORLD!

Experience new sights, scents, and smells. How amazing is it that in just one short plane ride we can be halfway across the country or even the world! Yet so much needs to be explored. Depth of jungles, waves of seas, heights of mountains.

The thing is, it really isn’t so hard. Planes tickets aren’t what they used to be. Housing is made affordable with websites like AirBnB.  Destinations don’t require tickets to see the Eiffel tower from around the corner, or dip your toes in the oceans of Mexico.

Yes my friends. Get out there.  Explore. Breath. Inhale. Live life to the fullest and experience everything the generations before us weren’t able to.