First Post

Travel. That is the purpose of this blog. I have been on many trips around the country and will continue to do so until God calls me home.
I have always had this desire to travel. The world fascinates me. So many different terrains, different cultures. Living in America we have the habit of becoming complacent in life whether it’s with our jobs, family, or lifestyle.
In addition to blogging about my travels. I will offer tips and hints on exactly how to travel. The little things that people don’t think about. Whether it be equipment or just trying to get through the security check point in Germany. I got it.
It’s time to breakout. Live life. Experience life. Love life.
I have several upcoming trips and I hope to document them in a way to help give others a desire to travel. There is so much out there guys! I want you to experience all this world has to offer.
Free yourselves from the mediocre.
Get out there.