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Day July 17, 2010

Analogy of Judgment

Now, if we ask what is the instance for proportioning the concept to the terms or to the subjects of which it is affirmed, it is clear that it is judgment. For judgment has precisely two essential functions, and only two: distribution, which it ensures by the partition of concepts; and hierarchization, which it ensures by the measuring of subjects. To the former corresponds the faculty of judgment known as common sense; to the latter the faculty known as good sense (or first sense). Both constitute just measure or “justice” as a value of judgment…With its common sense and first sense, however, the analogy of judgment allows the identity of a concept to subsist, either in implicit and confused form or in virtual form. Analogy is itself the analogue of identity within judgment. Analogy is the essence of judgment, but the analogy within judgment is the analogy of the identity of concepts.

Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition, 33

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Zoo Nursery

Via ArchDaily, by Nico Saieh

Architects: Mario Carreño Zunino, Piera Sartori del Campo
Location: National Zoo, Santiago Metropolitan Park, Chile
Collaborator: Pamela Jarpa Rosa
Contractor: Constructora Arquios Ltda.
Structural Engineering: Ingevsa ltda.
Electrical Engineering: ICG S.A.
Services: Patricio Vega Vásquez
Landscape: Piera Sartori del Campo, Pamela Jarpa Rosa
Zoo Technical Consultant: Equipo Zoológico Nacional
Site Area: 63 sqm
Constructed Area: 115 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Marcos Mendizabal


The Nursery is a building where mammals will be raised at first level, and cold rain forest amphibians at the top level. The temperatures of each compartment, five in total, must be independently controlled.

A three-dimensional corner of the slope -as we have understood the place- is taken up by a tower building set in a very small interstitial site. The design and construction process are thought without touching the existing stone walls facing the visitor route.

This vertical vacuum start at level 0.00 m. opened to the south and ends in another level opened to the east at 5.40 m. Currently there is a delay of one minute in the climbing road course between both soils. The building adds an internal service staircase, generating a trail system. Once up, you see where you come from and look to the city. The built volume therefore takes care of these views.

The idea was to preserve an open place, so the building clears it, based on a buried work space and keeping the distant view of the hillside, the road and city.

The insulation thickness is shown by the steel structure and the layer of spaced timber will shade and ventilate the body of the building, which eventually will be covered by plants.

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Twin Sister, I Want A House

Music of Twin Sister; video by Ian Perlman


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