Travel with friends


Gone are the days where we played on the air hockey table until 3 in the morning while we still had to get up for classes at 8am. We are sophisticated now. We yearn for more beyond the next glass of wine we have that evening.

We yearn for travel.

I read an article that said that millennials are buying less STUFF and are traveling MORE. My partner believes that is because social media has opened up a whole new world that is just waiting to be explored. No longer are our man goals to buy a house, get a 9-5, and settle down. We want to see the WORLD!

Experience new sights, scents, and smells. How amazing is it that in just one short plane ride we can be halfway across the country or even the world! Yet so much needs to be explored. Depth of jungles, waves of seas, heights of mountains.

The thing is, it really isn’t so hard. Planes tickets aren’t what they used to be. Housing is made affordable with websites like AirBnB.  Destinations don’t require tickets to see the Eiffel tower from around the corner, or dip your toes in the oceans of Mexico.

Yes my friends. Get out there.  Explore. Breath. Inhale. Live life to the fullest and experience everything the generations before us weren’t able to.

Traveling with Pets


Sometimes you may want to travel with a pet. A pet is sometimes one of man’s greatest companions. Having that one true friend there along your side while you see the country definitely makes for a great experience.

But there are definitely a couple things to keep in mind when you are doing that. Here are some personal tips that I have learned while traveling over the years with pets.


One of the best ways to really make your trip best for your pet is preparing adequately. Bring as much as those familiar items as you can to ensure that you pet will be comfortable throughout your journey. Some of these items may include a pillow, toy, or leash. These are things of comfort for you pet so knowing that they are around and available really helps with those nervous jitters.


Talk to your vet about getting a sedative if your pet is highly nervous on trips. It relaxes them and keeps them calm when things may be the most nerve wrecking for them.

Allow time for adjustment

Give your pet times to adjust to the new environment. There is so much to see and do that it can get overwhelming for your pet, they may need an extra 5 minutes to find the perfect potty space or an extra 20 minutes on a walk. Understanding these needs will greatly help you.

ID Tags

This is super important. It would be awful enough if your pet got loose in your own neighborhood, but in an unfamiliar place? Downright dreadful. Make sure your pet is up to date on any shots or registration. It would hurt to get a new collar that was sure to stay on while on your journey.


This is important for both you and your pet. Traveling creates a thirst that sneaks up on you. If you find yourself thirsty chances are that you are already way too dehydrated. And chance are that if you are thirsty your pet is equally thirsty, if not more so.

Pet Friendly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’m gonna mention it anyway. Make sure you go ahead and make sure all your travel destinations are pet friendly. You don’t want to have to fight with a hotel manager after a 12 hour flight about where your dog will be staying. Most hotels that are pet friendly have no problems with how you stay with your pet.


Traveling with a pet makes an ordinary adventure into a fun one. They are ones that won’t fight with you on what sights to see, won’t be picky about dinner, and are generally great travelers. Enjoy this time with your pet and make sure to take lots of pictures!

Tips for Traveling

Traveling for the first time can be very disconcerting, especially if you are traveling alone. Having been there myself I’m here to tell you it is not all that bad. In fact, I learned a lot about myself on their solo journeys.

Being on your own really builds your self confidence. I feel like I came back a completely different person after my first solo trip. I recommend you do it at least once in your lifetime.

There are several things I learned when traveling. And while I could probably write an entire book on just simple hints, here are the main ones. I also came across a great website that echos this advice.

Stash Cash

This is very important. I can tell you have many times this has saved me. If you lose your wallet, or your bank card won’t work (it happens a lot), be sure to have some nice hard cash available. Stash it in a sock, hat, hidden pocket in backpack. Anywhere you know you can reach if it you need too. Just don’t forget where you put it!


Try, try again

A lot of times locals can spot a tourist a miles away and may try to discourage a visit to a certain area or a part of town. Definitely don’t give up if it is something your to-do list. While you may not be able to get through the first time, keep trying. When one door shuts a window opens.

Make Eye Contact

The world is not as scary as the media makes it out to be. Sure, there are certain places one should avoid, but those will be easy to know when locals are on your side. Most locals are very nice especially if you make eye contact and offer a simple hello.


Take pictures

Hugely important. Make sure you have a decent camera that is hard core and will be able to keep up with your traveling. There is nothing worse than having a camera that doesn’t work at the most inopportune time. These images will most likely be the best souvenir you will have to take home. And for the love of Pete, pack batteries.

Back up everything

While locals are mostly nice and welcoming, just like any other place in the world, theft happens. Especially when you least expect it. Make sure you have hard copies and digital copies in case this does happen. Also, make sure you have a great password on all sensitive information.

Spinalonga-2Keep good notes

Our memories are good. But often when you are taking in so much information you can only remember so much. Keep a daily journal of you activities, how you felt, who you met, etc. You never know how vital that information might be down the road, not just for memory’s sake but also if you decide to revisit in the future and want to make contact again.


First Post

Travel. That is the purpose of this blog. I have been on many trips around the country and will continue to do so until God calls me home.
I have always had this desire to travel. The world fascinates me. So many different terrains, different cultures. Living in America we have the habit of becoming complacent in life whether it’s with our jobs, family, or lifestyle.
In addition to blogging about my travels. I will offer tips and hints on exactly how to travel. The little things that people don’t think about. Whether it be equipment or just trying to get through the security check point in Germany. I got it.
It’s time to breakout. Live life. Experience life. Love life.
I have several upcoming trips and I hope to document them in a way to help give others a desire to travel. There is so much out there guys! I want you to experience all this world has to offer.
Free yourselves from the mediocre.
Get out there.